The Selling Process

As your Realtor I will help guide you through the following processes

The decision to sell

Why are you selling and what are your personal circumstances? How fast do you need your home sold? What profit do you hope to make from the sale of your home?

Settling on a price

Determine the fair market value for your home. Several factors play into the right price including; the condition of the home, the location, current market trends, and speed of sale. As your agent, my experience is priceless in selling your home for the highest price. It is sometimes difficult to remain unbiased when pricing your own home, an objective opinion and experience are paramount during this part of the selling process. Pricing a home too high results in longer selling times and little exposure.  The longer your home sites on the market the probability of receiving a suitable offer decreases.

Prepare your home to sell

A potential buyers first opinion of your home will greatly effect their overall probability of repeat showings and ultimately an offer. As your agent, I will give recommendations on how to prepare your home and give it the best chance to make a good first impression. No small detail can be overlooked; scratched paint, torn screens, too much clutter can all be interpreted by a potential buyer as poor upkeep. Its imperative that your home is in its best condition possible to give it that wow factor and bring in potential offers. I will offer an experienced perspective on how to accomplish this in your home.


Your home needs to be seen to sell. Today everybody uses the internet, and its easy to list your home online, but it takes more than placing your home online to generate the exposure for a quick and thus profitable sale. I have a tried and proven marketing strategy that will get your home the exposure it needs. I will carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your home and tailor my proven marketing materials to highlight the best aspects of your home.

Recieve an offer

Once a suitable buyer is found they will offer a contract to buy your home. At this stage I will ensure that the offer is a viable offer and then present it to you. Its very disappointing to get an offer only to find out the buyer wasn't qualified to buy your home, they had some outstanding circumstances, or they aren't serious buyers. Its easy to get discouraged with offers that don't stack up to what you're looking for. 

The Negotiation

Once an offer is received the negotiation process begins. My experience in offer negotiation and the details of the offer allow me to get the most for your home and interpret the clauses that a potential buyer might be bringing to the negotiating table. I will advise you on what areas of the offer have the best viability for negotiations in your favor.

Get yourself prepared to close

Once you have an accepted offer there are many preparations you must do to prepare to close. These preparations will vary from contract to contract based on financing, condition of the home, inspections, outside professionals and so much more. I will take control of this process for you, put you in contact with the best professionals in the area, stay on top of the details and ensure a smooth, stress free road to closing. When hiccups happen, I am available to you any time of day to give you peace of mind and start working on a solution. 


At closing you will officially transfer ownership to the new owner. I will be with you at closing to ensure a smooth closing and to answer any questions you may have. After closing should the new buyers have any questions or issues I will be the first point of contact, allowing you to enjoy your next step in home ownership.